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This game is quite fun, although as people have said, it feels like an early version.  When you collide with an object, there the purple light you play as slowly fades over a few seconds then goes to the main screen. This then means that as a player you don't really feel the collisions as much as would be good. You could think about changing that, and also think about changing the purple dot you play as a bit. It may look better as a square shape rather than a round shape.

yes this game is in an early version. I was going to continue improving the game  however now i cant continue development because i accidently deleted the file

anyway thanks for the feedback

Feels like it's definitely lacking in feedback. As the player, you don't really feel the collisions, it all feels very mechanical and sterile. For a first effort, it's commendable, but rough.

  I'd also recommend changing the color scheme of this page, it's very hard to read.

The game still feels rough but its an okay experience.